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WEEKLY UPDATE | July 19, 2018
StartEngine Update
Nearing $250,000

In addition to nearing the $250,000 mark, CEO Joshua Montgomery offered an update on the StartEngine campaign similar to what Mycroft investors can expect regularly to keep up on our progress. Read it all on the campaign page.

Even if you can't invest, you can support the effort by sharing the campaign. The button below is pre-populated with text and a link to make it easy to share on Twitter!

For community members in the UK and Canada, part of Joshua's update included the final note that we can't take investments from Canada or the United Kingdom at this time. We encourage you to contact your MPs and Representatives to let them know you want the ability to invest in these types of US offerings. You can also contact StartEngine directly by e-mailing and urging them to continue resolving this problem.

Precise Wake Word tagging hits 100k

Up next is ...

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who chose to Opt-In to share their voice, and to all the community members who spent time training the Precise Wake Word neural network. We have reached the initial target of 100,000 samples and are using this data to build an even more precise model.

Now that we have the data for ‘Hey Mycroft’, we’re going to begin training for a new wake word - ‘Christopher’. For those curious why - Christopher Morcom was a childhood friend of Alan Turing whose tragic death inspired Turing's work, which became the basis of artificial intelligence. We hope Mycroft - or Christopher - inspires you too.

Start contributing to the dataset for the 'Christopher' Wake Word by going to and choosing it as your Wake Word. Don't forget to Opt-In so your utterances are available for training.

Mycroft History: How We Got Here
What our community means to us

In the fourth installment of our Mycroft History recap, we get into Mycroft AI's journey between crowdfunding efforts. No surprise, our community grew thanks to our first equity crowdfunding and we gained broader exposure through competitions and accelerators. All the while, our community provided feedback we used to guide development and improve. Read more on the blog.

Development Progress for the Week
Hey Mycroft, what can you do?
Have you ever wondered what Mycroft is capable of? Community Developer @luke5sky has got this all wrapped up for you, with his What Can You Do? Skill.
Explore your wireless network with Aircrack
With thanks to Community Developer @JonStratton, the AirCrack Skill is now available in the 18.02 branch. You can use this Skill to explore what network interfaces your Mycroft Devices have.
Open Source Events
Are you presenting about Mycroft AI at a conference or event? Contact us and we’ll see if we can ship you some schwag for your efforts. Upcoming events include Open Source Summit North America, Open Source Summit Europe, Pycon AU and IDLELO. The CfP for is also now open.
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What are users saying about Mycroft?
Thumbs Up😎
Reddit user jaspercayne was pretty impressed when they put Mycroft head to head with Alexa:

"After testing both Alexa and Mycroft on a raspberry pi for a few days, I ended up dumping Alexa entirely and have started looking into creating some useful skills for Mycroft. The more of us that build skills for Mycroft, the closer it gets to having the full range of features available on the other big brand assistants. Keep it up, I am hugely looking forward to Mimic 2!"

Thanks jaspercayne!

Room for Improvement
On the "we’re working on it" side, we’ve had feedback from several people within the community seeking additional languages support. At the moment, Mycroft is only fully supported in English. However, we’re currently building out the tooling and infrastructure required to provide additional language capability.

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