Things are getting colorful over at our Kickstarter campaign.

As in.. we're announcing a stretch goal.

Once we hit $200k in funding we're releasing
for the Mark II.

The color "near black" will be unlocked at the $200k level (thanks to our backers for that feedback!) and we’ll be releasing more as we hit more funding milestones.

Wait, you HAVEN'T reserved your Mark II yet? Join 1,000 other backers and support the open, transparent, customizable voice assistant.

Having a community is great for exactly this purpose; they get to help us make the all important decisions. We still can't find the words to thank everyone enough for supporting the Mark II.

To go a step further, we want to hear from you about new stretch goals, rewards, and any other cool things you would love to have with your Mark II! Check out the 1 question survey below to bring your Voice to Mycroft!

Let's share this campaign out and make sure we blow past the 200K level in the next couple of days. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for after that.


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