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Weekly Update | October 19th, 2017

Mycroft Wins the AI Track and Places in the Top 10
Out of 3,000 Applicants, Mycroft Brings Home an Award at Hello Tomorrow

Mycroft placed in the top ten out of 3,000 applicants in the Global Startup Challenge hosted by Hello Tomorrow. Taking home the prize in the Data & AI Track, Hello Tomorrow recognized Mycroft as a, "deep tech startup poised to change the world." The competition took place last week in Paris--read more here.

Speaking of Paris, we were featured in France's Major Publication, Le Monde
Read the english translation of the article here.


Highlights from our Last Release

Version 0.9.4 Release Notes

The New Voice!
That's right - the new "feminine" voice is now available. You can change to this via The Alan Pope voice is still available too.

Default Skills - Redefined.
The core default skills are now defined by a list on the mycroft-skills repo. This decouples the list from a specific build, allowing new defaults to be added at any time.

We started Portuguese support!
Thanks to our community member @JarbasAI for helping! See more here, and here.

There's lots of other mixes and miscellaneous improvements. Read the full notes below or on our Github.

Development Progress for the Week
Here's some development and skill updates. Find them in their Github links below.
Ping Skill

This handy Skill, by Community Developer @nogre, allows you to ping a website, and get not only latency times, but any website error codes like 200 OK or 504 Gateway timeout.
Interactive Calculator Skill
(experimental, feedback welcomed)

From Community Developer @TREE-Edu, better known as @joshua-tree in Mycroft Chat, comes this still-brand-new Interactive Calculator Skill. It’s still a work in progress, but feedback is welcome if you’d like to try it out.
Mopidy Music Player

From Mycroft Developer @forslund, comes the Mopidy Music Player Skill, intended to be used with the Mopidy music client on Linux. This one requires a little more advanced configuration, so is not for beginners.

Other Interesting Finds of the Week
"Put Humans at the Center of AI"
Diversity is critical in the development of AI. This article details why pervasive technology should represent all of humanity. Read the full article here.
The Blockchain Explained
A simplified explanation of the concept taking almost every industry by storm. Watch the full video to understand what it is.

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