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Weekly Update | November 22nd, 2017

Privacy and Machine Learning, Can They Coexist?
The Catch-22 of Open Source, Privacy, and the Ever Growing Need for Training Data.

Machine learning relies upon vast amounts of training data. In fact, for key voice technologies, estimates suggest that around 10,000 hours of audio is required to get a decent speech to text engine. That is the equivalent of nearly 5 years of someone talking 40 hours a week.

Machine learning is integral whenbuilding a strong AI--but we're firm believers that privacy is a basic human right. So how can open source companies bridge the gap?

Enter - The Open Data Set. Our last release gives our users the ability to
choose whether they want to contribute their voice recordings. If they later opt-out, we'll delete the data.

Read more about open source and machine learning.

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Highlights from our Last Release

Version 0.9.5 Release Notes

We mentioned last week that we have a new Machine Learning Listener, Precise.
You can use it by saying "Hey Mycroft, switch the listener to Precise"

We made some new utility changes:
You can add
msm list
command to show already installed skills; and
msm info <skill>
command to display info from the in the skill's Github repo. This was brought to us by @theCalcaholic, thanks!
#1201, #1202, #1203 )

Additionally, we released v0.9.6 shortly after that fixed a minor packaging bug in 0.9.5. A new release is coming this week!

We'll have the notes for you in the next newsletter.

Development Progress for the Week
Here's some development and skill updates. Find them in their Github links below.
Plasmoid Control Skill

For the Gnome fans among us, Community Developer, Aditya Mehtra, better known as @AIIX, has released a Skill which allows you to control the Mycroft Plasmoid via voice. This requires that you already have Plasmoid installed. Love your work, @AIIX!
Play Some Music Skill

This Skill is a 'beginner' Skill from a new Community Developer, @normandmickey, who developed this Skill to be able to listen to internet radio. This is one of the first Skills to use the new Skill Settings - web-configurable settings that allow you to have more control over how your Skills operate.
Timer Skill

Mycroft Developer, Michael Nguyen, has made significant improvements to the Timer Skill. The Skill will now sound a beep when the timer is finished, and you can name timers individually.

Other Interesting Finds of the Week
What's a Capsule Network?
Hinton (one of the founders of deep learning) and his team published two papers on capsule networks. Read up on what they are, and how they stand to change applications and research in the near future.
Holiday Gifts for Open Source Enthusiasts
Maybe you need a gift for the open source guru in your life. Maybe you're that guru--in which case, here's a list of things to gift yourself.

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