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Weekly Update | October 26th, 2017

How Will AI Voice Assistants Affect Our Homes, Businesses, And Our Privacy?
A closer look at the market, the major players, and what the area lacks.

The market for intelligent virtual assistants is projected to reach nearly $16 billion by 2020. Voice is being deployed in both homes and businesses alike--but what does that mean for privacy?

Read our short article for a closer look at the landscape, and the need for a neutral player.


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This week we spoke with Joshua at TREE Industries
It's a company dedicated to using the latest open source solutions to deliver new products and services around AI, IoT, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

So Joshua, Why was Tree Industries Attracted to Mycroft?

"Mycroft seems to have the same approach and that was the main thing that initially attracted us to the project.  Our team had tried many other "AI" assistant solutions that were open source and we felt that the between having a core product like the Mark1 to drive development, and a growing community of developers that Mycroft held real promise."

How are you using Mycroft?

"We currently have multiple instances of Mycroft running various R&D tests for products and services under development.  Some of these instances are desktop installations using the latest development branch of the Mycroft Core, and a couple are also Picrofts.  

One interesting project we have going on is implementing Mycroft to voice enable smart agricultural products we are developing."

Check out some of the skills created by Joshua and the TREE Team:

Looking to the future, Joshua is really excited about what Mycroft has planned.

"We see your partnership with Mozilla on DeepSpeech and the plans to use volunteered data to extract things like sentiment analysis and more as great developments.  

Features we would like to see in the future are more things like computer vision built into the core for skill developers to access. The project has come a long way in a short time, and continues to improve with each version we've tested. Our hope is to eventually use Mycroft to implement AI assistants in industries and sectors that have been slow to adopt such technology out of privacy regulations or policies."

Thanks so much Joshua for your time!

Other Interesting Finds of the Week in AI News
Notes on how AI is already changing business. What AI is good at, not so good at, and why it isn't something to fear. This article and podcast also touches on how it will shape our workforce, it runs similar to what we described last week. Read the Full Article.
An MIT Review Article about how automating machine learning is making the technology available to non-ai experts. Read the Full Article.

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