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Weekly Update | November 30th, 2017

Needing a gift for the IoT Enthusiast in Your Life?
We have ideas for you.

Who doesn't want a more connected life?
How about an IoT egg holder that counts how many eggs you have left in your fridge...

Or you can read this guide we put together.
It has 5 IoT devices that are useful and at good price points. There's something for everyone!


Notes From Our Newest Release

Version 0.9.7

The "Send Email" Method for Skills
Wouldn't it be nice if you could receive the link to a website you just asked about? Or if the shopping list you keep adding things to could appear in your inbox?
The new skills API now includes a method for the skill to send an email to the user.

Add to Your Current Playlist
This release includes an update for AudioService, allowing you to add files to the currently playing playlist. Find this improvement here.

There are lots of other fixes and miscellaneous improvements. Read the full notes below or on our Github.

Development Progress for the Week
Here's some development and skill updates. Find them in their Github links below.
Nap Time Skill

Want to turn Mycroft off for a while? Need some extra quiet or privacy? Need to have a nap after all that Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie? We understand. And that’s why there’s Nap Time Skill! From Mycroft Developer Augusto Monteiro (@augustnmonteiro), just tell Mycroft to take a nap - and he will. Zzzzzzz. Skill

From respected long-time Community Developer, Brian Hopkins, better known as @btotharye, comes the Home Assistant Skill for Mycroft. If you’re a user, you can now integrate with the power of voice with Mycroft.

Brian will be taking a break from Mycroft Skills development, but we’d like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thanks for all of your excellent work. Hugely appreciated.

Sing Skill

Do you set the Karaoke bar on fire? Not literally we hope! But if you like a good power ballad, or rocking out with big, big BIG hair, then you might enjoy the Sing Skill. Put together by certified Top Bloke (™) and Mycroft CTO, Steve Penrod, you’ll love singing along as Mycroft belts out the tunes in his inimitable style. Want more songs! Feel free to fork the Skill and add them in. BRB, air guitar solo coming right up!

What are Users saying about Mycroft?
Any and all comments.
The need for updated documentation—😕
“Bad Mycroft documentation or Mycroft tool for installing manual skills” A User noted as he ran into trouble getting a radio skill in a different language to manually install.

How are we fixing this?
Our Director of Developer Relations is doing a full rewrite of documentation. And we’re happy to walk Developers and Users through any hiccups in the meantime.

You can see our ever-improving docs here, and ping @kathy-mycroft on our chat or forum whenever you need.
A tweet from a User😎
"Having fun getting @mycroft_ai to tell me the time in London and launch applications for me. Now I need to learn about the best methods for human/machine interaction."

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