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Weekly Update | November 9th, 2017

AI Assistant For Children Pulled Before It’s Release
The rising concerns over privacy and data collection

Marketed as an enhanced AI baby monitor--featuring a camera, night light, and white noise skill - the toy maker Mattel pulled the product before it's release. Petitions were signed from parents, doctors, and lawmakers when the company revealed that recordings from children's bedrooms would be stored in the cloud.

This not only begs the question of privacy, but what role technology should play in children's lives.


There's a Personal AI Assistant Waiting for You
Grab a Mark I.

We have lots of Mark I's waiting to make your life easier. It's an AI voice assistant for whatever space you want, go grab one to voice enable your life.

What's so special about Mark I?
It's built to be customized, hacked, and best of all - it doesn't store your data. Open source and open hardware; use Mark I to answer questions, control your loT devices, drive a stereo system, or build a robot!

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GitHub Constellation from Down Under
The GitHub Conference in Melbourne, Australia

Last week our Director of Developer Relations (@Kathy-Mycroft in our chat network) attended the GitHub Constellation in Melbourne, Australia.

What is Constellation? GitHub's conference for software builders and entrepreneurs alike. These conferences are customized to fit the city they're held in, and have separate events for the GitHub Community, and for people that use GitHub at work.

Mycroft's Gatherings from the Conference?
Julie Misson's talk about how anyone can learn to code. She went from being a Registered Nurse to an app developer for mobile applications in the health space.
Ben Dechrai's talk giving 8 ways to contribute to open source without writing a single line of code. Contributions ranging from ideation, to documentation, to graphic design.

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See if they'll be in your area here.

Other Things to Check Out
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Mycroft's Big Win Two Weeks Ago In Paris
We took home the first place award in the Data and AI Track at Hello Tomorrow. Read the about the competition and prize money.

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