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Weekly Update | November 16th, 2017

Giant Fighting Robots? Say Hello To A New International Sport.
MegaBots is out to host a Giant Robot Tournament Next Year.
And they need YOUR help to get there.

Megabots is the team that started and won the first ever giant robots duel this last October. With teams from all over the world, they're working to host a Giant Robot Tournament in 2018 - and defend their title.

Building a live-action sports league from the ground up isn't easy. That's why they're funding their efforts through Kickstarter.

On the crowdfunding site you'll find the campaign video, which features the founders of MegaBots calling for a new age of global robot combat, giant robots from around the world, and MegaBotsroadmap for creating the worlds first tournament. 

Watch it and scope out the rewards for backing the project below.
Mycroft is backing them. Will you?


Precise. Our New Machine-Learning based Wake Word Listener.

Released in v0.9.5

The Precise wake word engine includes a feedback loop, allowing user-contributed information to be incorporated into the training database, improving the wake-word performance. This happens when Opt-In has been chosen at

To use precise, simply say "Hey Mycroft, set the listener to precise."

The more data, the less false-positives (inadvertent activations) and false negatives (missed activations) when it comes to wake words.

You chose whether to Opt-In to our Open Data Set, but we'd sure appreciate if you did. More about the Open Data Set here.

Read more about Precise and other improvements in the full notes below.

Our very own @Kathy-Mycroft
This week Kathy Reid, who works in Developer Relations at Mycroft.AI, shares her experience in developing her first Skill - Australian News.

What's your tech background?
“I’d previously done a lot of web development and data visualization work, predominantly in PHP and Javascript, but until tackling a Mycroft Skill, I hadn’t touched Python. It wasn’t so much the names of functions, or the flow of the code that tripped me up a bit - I learned that Python is fussy about things like indentation!”

How did you start building the skill?
“Using an existing skill - the NPR News Skill - I was quickly able to get a working prototype, substituting another news source instead of NPR. Then, I used our beta documentation to submit the Skill to our Skills Management Team for assessment, and they merged the Skill very quickly”

What's your main takeaway from building this skill?
“The key lesson here was just as much about voice user interfaces (VUI) as it was about technical implementation - to write a strong Skill means you need to understand three things about the User - their situation - what’s prompted them to need the Skill, their motivation - how are they approaching the Skill and their outcome - what is it that they want the Skill to do for them. No matter how technically elegant a Skill, it only becomes truly valuable if it satisfies a need for the User”.

If you’re in Australia (results vary for other geographies), you can get the Australian News skill at:

Thanks Kathy!

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