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We wanted to take a moment, wish you a merry and bright holiday season, and say thanks for being in our community.

This week's newsletter is short and sweet, with a couple of ideas for #holidayhacking we think you might like (tweet your progress using that hashtag and we’ll retweet!)

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Did all the holiday festivities leave you craving some screen time?
We have just the projects for you.
The News Skill

The current news Skill defaults to NPR, but what happens if that’s not your favorite? Help shape the Skill in a way that works for news-listeners across the world. One that contains an easy way to toggle between sources, and is location specific. Our new
Skill Settings should make this a bit easier. We’re calling out for help--are you up for the challenge?

Language Doco

Mycroft documentation just got a complete revamp. Our community member @JarvisAI did a Portuguese write up that rocks--and this shines light on the need for updated doco in other languages. French, German, Italian and Spanish documentation has been started, but could use an update. Speak any of these languages? Take a swing at it!
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