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Weekly Update | December 21st, 2017

Design Ideation for Our Next Hardware Device
Check out the process and sketches for our newest device.

This TechCrunch video revealed what we've been working on.

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Visual Cues During the Mark I Boot Sequence

From our release v0.9.9

What do certain eye colors mean on Mark I?
The main focus of this release was to create visual feedback during the Mark 1 boot sequence, allowing users to tell what's going on behind the scene.
The eyes and faceplate now provide indicators to tell you what stage you're in. When you see the following, here's what's going on:

  • Spinning gray eyes
    Indicate the system just started, Arduino running and Pi booting
  • Solid gray eyes
    Pi booted
  • (Optional) Orange eyes, update message on faceplate
    Flashing new sketch to the Arduino
  • Yellow eyes
    Mycroft starting, waiting on internet connection
  • Yellow eyes, + update message on faceplate
    Updating software from the web
  • Blue eyes (or whatever color you select)
    Mycroft is ready for use!

Additionally, the gray eye color and an update message will return during system upgrades.

What's New This Week?
On the dev front...
A New Skill We're Particularly Excited About

If you’ve ever needed assistance from Mycroft.AI on an issue with your Mycroft device, you might have experienced frustration as we worked through getting logs and debugging information. To help you get the support you need, faster, we’ve released the Support Skill - a default Skill.

Simply say ‘Create a Support Ticket’ or ‘You’re not working’ and the Skill will generate debugging information to help us help you faster.
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A bug in v0.9.10—😕

Via our Forum, several Picroft users have commented on a bug in the 0.9.10 release which can cause processes to hang, and the RPi to heat up.

How are we fixing this?

We’re sorry. We need to do two things here. Firstly, we need to identify and fix the bug, and secondly, we need to iterate our release test plans to add a test for this type of error. We don’t have an ETA on a bugfix yet, but rest assured we know about it, and it’s a priority for us.
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A Praise for the New Docs😎

Tjoen, also via our Forum, writes, in relation to our new Documentation:
“That looks great, and very helpful indeed!”
Dank je, @tjoen!

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