Voice is hugely important to the future of human-machine interactions. Self-driving cars, kiosk systems, call centers, smart speakers, mobile device and nearly everything else in your life will soon be accessible via voice.

Right now there is an opportunity to make open source solutions relevant in the space, but market pressure from Amazon and Google will soon make that impossible.

If you want to have access to voice assistant technology that is open and private.  If you want to have access to custom technology that behaves the way YOU want it to, not the way Big Tech wants it to. If you want to support open solutions?

Now is the time.

Our Kickstarter isn’t about selling you a product. It’s about securing the resources we need to make something awesome with our community. We know there’s a future where voice is democratized, and your support is helping us get there.

Read more about our mission, and see our Kickstarter progress so far. There are only 8 days left, please support us now.


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