Sure, we’re about to launch a brand-new device loaded with awesome specs, but it’s not about the device.

This Kickstarter is abou
t our mission to bring artificial intelligence to everyone.

An open, transparent, and powerful intelligent agent that represents YOU, not a silicon valley giant...
We are building an AI that runs anywhere and interacts exactly like a person. Today that AI is two years old, and like a young child, they make mistakes but are learning quickly.

We mentioned we did a Kickstarter before... Here’s what we learned:
  • We put the mic too close to the resonating cavity. Rookie mistake.
  • Sourcing vendors is complicated. We learned the lay of the land and we've done the legwork ahead of time this go 'round.
  • We didn’t do our homework on shipping costs and tariffs before the campaign, so we didn’t communicate the costs clearly.
  • We shipped all over the world but didn’t send out international adapters. Lesson learned.

The upside? We’ve made some progress thanks to that first Kickstarter.
  • We put Mark 1 units into the hands of 1,500 backers across 56 nations and 38 states.
  • Our list of skills is growing constantly, and we’re improving daily on the 137 already deployed.
  • We’ve grown the developer community to upwards of 1,500 people. Those people are contributing every day to make the AI better and stronger.
  • Market validation? Here is Mycroft running in a Jaguar F-Type sports car.

AI is too important to our collective future to remain the property of silicon valley giants. Join us and help bring the world an AI for everyone.

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