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Weekly Update | December 7th, 2017

Why Open Source?
Because it's the background of innovation and so many of the technologies we use.

Open source underpins everything from the internet, to mobile phones, fitness trackers, and even your fridge. It's the way in which we foster collaboration, innovation, and best of all, can assure that the technology we embrace every day is diverse and representative of our world.

Without open source, we wouldn't have so many of the technologies that we take for granted. How many times have you visited a website today? Chances are that site is built on open source technology.

You get it. The value of open source is immeasurable - and that's why we need your support.

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Tech Giant Feud Heats up, Leaving Consumers Out in the Cold

Should the platform you use determine the products or services you can access?

This weeks battle; Google is soon to pull Youtube for those accessing it via Amazon Fire TV, or using the Echo Show.
This news comes after Amazon abruptly stopped selling Nest products (a company of Google's) on their platform.

In sum: The tech giants are fighting to become the go-to platform, but should consumers really have to choose which side to live on?

The point: There's an absolute need for neutral players, or "Switzerland's" if you will. Companies that can provide content and services independent of the broader platform that you're using.

The buzz is currently on streaming services, but what happens when it transcends to other technology sectors?

Development Progress for the Week
Some development and skill updates. Find them in their Github links below.
Kate Control Skill

For the KDE fans in our community, Community Developer Aditya Mehra (@AIIX) has released this still-brand-new Skill to control the Kate desktop.
Internet Radio Skill

Enjoy listening to dope melodies as you code up a storm? Prefer something classical? Curve’s the word, Skill’s the verb with this Internet Radio Skill from Community Developer @normandmickey. This Skill makes use of Skill Settings, a new feature available to Skill developers that allows Users to specify and save preferences.
Version Checker Skill

Do you hang out for new Mycroft releases? Can’t wait to upgrade? We hear you. Mycroft Developer Matthew Scholefield has recently added a new Skill that enables your Mycroft Device to tell you what version he is running - no SSH needed!

Simply ask, "What version are you running?"

Other Interesting Finds of the Week
5 Gifts for the IoT Enthusiast in Your Life
A gift guide for that one tech guru you know. Don't worry, these products are useful, and there's something for everyone.
Release Notes from v0.9.7
A skill method that sends an email, adding audio files to your current playlist and other miscellaneous fixes and features.

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