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Weekly Update | December 14th, 2017

Mycroft documentation just leveled up.
See the New Docs. Read up on how our Director of Developer Relations tackled this major project.

Although we try to remove the need to refer our Members and Developers to have to go to documentation, great docs are reflective of great software practice, and of a healthy open source community.  

Kathy, our Director of Developer relations has dedicated her time recently to making these accessible and easy to use for our Members and Developers (huge thanks, Kathy) But, we aren't finished!

We want community feedback. Let us know how we can make our Docs truly rock. Reach out to @Kathy-Mycroft on chat or by email with any and all questions or recommendations.

Heart tech writing? Read our write up on how we did it efficiently and effectively.
We put together a blog with the process we followed, which included understanding the scope of this project, consolidating platforms, integrations, and mechanisms for feedback.

Feeling blue? How about green?

Say, "Hey Mycroft, set your eye color to purple."
Or whatever color you're feeling, really.

Find a quick demo of this new default skill here. Subscribe to our Youtube for more mini updates and things to try using voice!

Notes From Our Newest Release

Version 0.9.8

Skill Creators Rejoice.
This release is loaded with skill creation tools, making it easier for Developers and Members alike. Below are a couple specific updates.

The script is updated. This
script creates a standard template for building a new skill, including skill class, readme, and license.

Global Skill Settings
We've made the shift from single skill to global skill settings. Meaning that settings are now defaulted per user, not per device.
If there are multiple devices with the same skill, the devices will now automatically share the settings set in

The release has, even more updates and fixes. Find it in our Github, or read the notes on our blog linked below.

Development Progress for the Week
Here's some development and skill updates. Find them in their Github links below.
Forget the Milk? No More!

If you use the Remember the Milk app for todos and reminders, you’ll love this new Skill by Community Developer @CarstenAgerskov. This Skill uses Skill Settings to store the Remember the Milk API. Mange tak, Carsten!
Home Automation with Wink

From all round Top Bloke and CTO, @penrods, comes this Skill for home automation using Wink. You can also see a great video of this Skill in action. 1337 work, Steve!
Thumbs [up|down]
What are users saying about Mycroft?
Thumbs Down—😕
Via our Forum, Cristian writes:

"Hey, i installed Mycroft on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS machine following the instruction on this page, using GIT, and then running bash, and it completely crushed my system. I'd like to know how to uninstall it properly. (i read other topics and it seems nobody has answered this yet, i am not interested in solving anything about it, i just simply want to remove it). Thanks."

In response to this feedback, we’re creating a new piece of documentation which shows all the steps to completely remove Mycroft from a Linux system. Thanks, Cristian, for helping us to improve.
Thumbs Up😎
Briana via Youtube writes:

"I feel    [*$^#]   thankful to you amazing guys who made it open source! developers like me are way too thankful to you! amazing ! keep the good work up! <3"

Thanks, Briana!

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